Consulting Services

For Schools

We work with your school administrators to determine best practices for integrating STEAM & CTE programs within your school’s current curriculum. Making recommendations based upon your school’s current goals and budget, we create the best hands-on learning environment for your students. Whether you need training for educators, innovative equipment, or full innovation lab / makerspace buildouts, our educational experts will determine what’s best for your program.

For Teachers

We are experienced educators who value project-based, hands-on learning for students. We believe all students should be given the opportunity to be creative and innovate through making. We work closely with teachers to provide a new perspective on how to best teach students your subject matter. No classroom or curriculum is off limits to our creative techniques.

For Students

Having taught in a number of school environments, our educators are ready to work closely with your students. We can teach classes, provide student training, or manage clubs to give your students the competitive edge they need for their future job. All of our educators are highly trained and background checked so we’re ready for your students. We value design thinking as a critical part of the learning process and don’t shy away from challenging work environments.

Don’t Wait

Contact us today to start providing quality STEAM & CTE programming for everyone at your school.